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Walls that don't look different, just act different


IdeaPaint transforms any surface in your home into a space that will keep you and your family organized, entertained and connected. Turn a kitchen wall into an erasable family message board, or paint a toy box and make it more interesting than everything inside. Perfect for the home office, playroom, or anywhere ideas happen. IdeaPaint infuses fun and functionality into unexpected places, turning your castle into your canvas.


  1. In the playroom - Paint the walls, paint a table! Why not resurface an easel? Paint a toy chest and make it more fun to play with than everything inside!
  2. In the home office - Make your work space work. Get on your feet and map out your big ideas. Your kids can doodle at your feet!
  3. In the kitchen – Make use of that dead space by the refrigerator! While you’re at it, paint the fridge! Paint the inside of a cabinet to keep track of your shopping list or make a space to scribble down recipes, notes to the family, and chores.
  4. In the kids' bedroom - Let your kids decorate their room and everything in it. If Van Gogh had walls like these, he might still have two ears!
  5. In the garage – Keep it all organized – tools, holiday decorations, car parts, etc. Paint a wall to keep track of your oil change dates, whether the mower has gas, and who’s winning in the latest round of knock-out.
  6. In the mudroom – Create a family messaging center. Keep track of appointments, leave reminders (don't forget your lunch!), and make your Honey-Do list!
  7. In the bathroom - There is a reason public bathrooms have graffiti on them. Make a space to scribble, or leave your toddler a picture or words of encouragement!
  8. In the game room - Paint a wall or table to keep track of scores (because where IS that little pad that came with your Scrabble game?). Imagine Pictionary at life size!
  9. In the laundry room – Keep track of clean and dirty. Or leave some encouraging words i.e. Put your clothes away!