May 03, 2014


French poet Anatole France (we know, ironic) is famously quoted as saying, "to accomplish great things we must dream as well as act." It is in that spirit that we are pleased to present Mark50.

The Mark50 list celebrates 50 innovators who have left their mark. They didn't just do great work; they changed the trajectory of their industry or business. They challenged the norm. Looked under the rocks most of us overlook. They turned an idea on its head, or started something new, or just did it better, by doing it differently.

Some are established and have already made a big impact; while others are leaders on the rise who we think are positioned to do great things.

This is our virtual high five, and an official welcome to Awesomeville.

Meet the Mark50.

Anna Holmes // Writer, Founder of Jezebel
Banksy // Visual artist
Baratunde Thurston // Author, comedian
Ben Sargent // Culinary artist
Brad Feld // Investor, Blogger
Bre Pettis // CEO of MakerBot
Brittany Wenger // Inventor
Cameron Russell // Founder of Big Bad Labs, Fashion model
Casey Neistat // Director, Producer
Cher Wang // Co-Founder and Chairperson of HTC Corporation
Chuck Saylor // Founder, Izzy
Cindy Gallop // Entrepreneur, Social influencer
Cynthia Breazeal // Director of Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Laboratory
Danae Ringelmann // Co-Founder of Indiegogo
David Chang // Chef and Owner, Momofuku
David Kelley // Founder and Chairman of IDEO
Drew Houston // CEO of Dropbox
Elon Musk // CEO & CTO of SpaceX and CEO & Chief Product Architect of Tesla Motors
Helen Greiner // Co-Founder of iRobot and CEO of CyPhyWorks
Jack Dorsey // Co-Founder, Twitter and Founder, Square
Jake Burton // Founder of Burton Snowboards
Jasmina Aganovic // CEO, Bona Clara
Jason Fried // Founder & CEO at Basecamp
Jessica Walsh // Designer, Partner at Sagmeister & Walsh
Jim Olson // Cancer Researcher
Joana Avillez // Visual artist
Joi Ito // Director of MIT Media Lab
Kimberly Bryant // Founder of Black Girls Code
Laila Janah // Founder of Samasource
Laura Olin // Digital Strategist, Blue State Digital
Louis C.K. // Comedian, actor, and entrepreneur
Marissa Mayer // CEO of Yahoo
Nate Silver // Journalist, statistician
Nick D'Aloisio // Founder of Summly
Outkast // Musical artists and innovators
Perry Chen // Co-Founder, Kickstarter
Phil Libin // CEO of Evernote
Rashard Mendenall // Retired NFL Player, Writer
Robin Chase // Founder and CEO of Buzzcar, Co-Founder and former CEO of Zipcar
Salman Khan // Founder, Khan Academy
Scott Harrison// CEO & Founder, Charity Water
Sejal Hathi // Founder, Girls Helping Girls
Seth Godin // Author, Thought leader
Slater Jewell-Kemper // Filmmaker
Stephen Ritz // Teacher, speaker
Tony Hawk // Professional Skateboarder, entrepreneur
Ursula Burns // Chairman and CEO, Xerox
Yvon Chouinard // Founder, Patagonia
Zaha Hadid // Architect
Zhang Xin // CEO of Soho China

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