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In 2008, IdeaPaint introduced the first dry erase paint ever invented – our PRO formula! With over 75,000 successful installations and growing, the original is still the most durable dry erase coating available. IdeaPaint PRO erases cleanly every time and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. IdeaPaint PRO is recommended for professional installation only.

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Each kit includes:
THIS can to mix into THAT can, recommended roller, stir stick, can opener, HELP guide, Wet Paint sign.
Recommended Surfaces:
Most sealed, non-porous surfaces, including stained wood, painted drywall, plastic, metal, aluminum, chalkboards, and whiteboards.
Available Colors:


IdeaPaint PRO is a single coat commercial formula recommended for professional installers only. Application surfaces should be prepped to at least a 4 level finish and primed before installation of IdeaPaint. IdeaPaint PRO should only be installed with the roller included in the kit.


IdeaPaint PRO is an environmentally compliant, low-emission paint certified according to the stringent requirements of UL GREENGUARD Gold.


Each IdeaPaint PRO kit is backed by a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees IdeaPaint PRO will not crack, yellow, or peel throughout the life of the wall.


Where can the IdeaPaint PRO installation instructions, MSDS, Warranty and other technical documents be found?
Refer to the IdeaPaint PRO installation instructions and video in the HELP section before applying.

What surfaces can IdeaPaint PRO go over?
IdeaPaint can be applied to most sealed, non-porous surfaces. Recommended surfaces include drywall, wood, plastic, metal, aluminum, chalkboard and whiteboard. The IdeaPaint writing surface will only be as smooth as the surface it is applied to and requires the appropriate primer.

Can IdeaPaint be tinted to a custom color?
IdeaPaint cannot be tinted to a custom color. However, IdeaPaint PRO is available in five core neutral colors: White, White Sand, Off White, Light Beige and Light Gray.

Can IdeaPaint PRO be sprayed?
IdeaPaint PRO is not a sprayable formula. Refer to IdeaPaint CREATE which is the only sprayable dry erase formula on the market.

Is IdeaPaint PRO environmentally friendly?
IdeaPaint PRO is a low-emission paint certified according to the stringent requirements of UL GREENGUARD Gold.

Are there any safety precautions that should be followed when applying IdeaPaint?
Yes, gloves are recommended.  And, the safety precautions outlined in IdeaPaint’s Material Safety Data Sheet in the HELP section should be followed.

What is the best way to prepare a surface for the IdeaPaint application?
For surface prep, repair any divots, scratches, or bumps on the wall so the surface will be as smooth as possible. Because IdeaPaint is high gloss paint, surface imperfections can be magnified.

Should the surface be primed before applying IdeaPaint?
Priming is required prior to installing IdeaPaint PRO. Follow all manufacturers’ application and dry time instructions for the selected primer.

What primer is recommended?
For most installations, Glidden Gripper, Kilz Premium, Kilz 2 or Sherwin-Williams Multi-Purpose Primer can be used. When installing IdeaPaint over a substrate other than drywall, refer to the IdeaPaint accessories.

Does the primer need to be tinted to match the color of my IdeaPaint?
When painting IdeaPaint PRO colors, it is recommended to tint the primer reasonably close to the IdeaPaint color to be installed.

What is the difference between the IdeaPaint formulas?
Both IdeaPaint CREATE and PRO are the highest performing dry erase solutions on the market.

PRO is IdeaPaint’s original formula and is the most durable dry erase coating available. IdeaPaint PRO offers a limited lifetime warranty along with an initial 7 day cure time. A professional installer is required to ensure an optimal writing surface. IdeaPaint PRO is available in five core neutral colors: White, White Sand, Off White, Light Beige and Light Gray.

IdeaPaint CREATE is a low odor, low VOC, isocyanate free formula that can be installed successfully by anyone who is comfortable painting traditional latex paint. IdeaPaint CREATE offers a 10-year limited warranty along with an initial 4 day cure period. The most flexible color range is possible with IdeaPaint CREATE which is available in White, Black and Clear, a transparent topcoat that can go over smooth surfaces of any color, seamlessly blending with any interior décor, even wood.

Does IdeaPaint PRO have an odor?
IdeaPaint PRO has a much stronger odor than regular latex paint. Therefore, it is important to properly ventilate the space. Depending on the room’s ventilation, the odor will last for 12-24 hours after installation and dissipate completely within 24 hours.

Can IdeaPaint recommend a local installer?
For most regions, yes. Email painters@ideapaint.com to find out more.

How difficult is it to apply IdeaPaint PRO?
It is required that IdeaPaint PRO be installed by an experienced or professional painter. Refer to the IdeaPaint PRO installation instructions and video in the HELP section before applying.

How long will an IdeaPaint surface last?
Every IdeaPaint PRO kit is backed by a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees IdeaPaint will not crack, yellow, or peel. The surface is guaranteed to look just as good in future years as it does when first installed.  Please keep in mind that the writing and erasing performance of an IdeaPaint surface is prolonged with proper maintenance and upkeep.

How can IdeaPaint be removed from the wall?
IdeaPaint never needs to be removed. If an IdeaPaint surface is no longer needed, paint over it similar to any painted wall. Simply sand the surface, prime and then paint.

What is the recommended way to clean IdeaPaint off of hands, trim boards or other surfaces?
Denatured alcohol is recommended for cleaning IdeaPaint PRO off undesired spills/mismarks and skin and can be purchased at most local hardware, paint, or any DIY retailers. Apply the denatured alcohol to a rag and then dab onto the specific area to remove the IdeaPaint coating. Do not pour denatured alcohol on the spill or hands directly.

When will the IdeaPaint surface be ready for use?
IdeaPaint PRO will be ready to initially write on after 7 days. Both writing and erasing performance will improve as the IdeaPaint surface ages, even after the initial cure period.

Can an IdeaPaint PRO surface be touched up?
It is possible to touch up an IdeaPaint PRO surface. The patch may be slightly visible, but it will not affect writing performance. Sand the trouble spot, wipe clean, and prime. After the primer dries, re-apply IdeaPaint PRO in the area while feathering it in with a foam roller. If there are multiple spots that need to be repaired, it is recommended to recoat the entire surface.

IdeaPaint PRO will change the way you think about walls. But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.

Got opinions on IdeaPaint? We’d love to hear them. Email us at info@ideapaint.com.

School Testimonials

Annika Levitt, 1st Grade Teacher, Kiel School, NJ:
One of the greatest professors I ever had said to me ‘you can think of teaching like an elevator; we push an elevator button and it doesn’t come down as fast as we’d like so we usually push the button again, as if pushing that button is going to make the elevator come any quicker. I often think of teaching like that – you can try to teach the same exact thing, and if it’s not clicking, it’s not going to click. But if you can grab a marker and say ‘let’s go on the wall and do it’, and it clicks, you’re not pushing that same elevator button. IdeaPaint has definitely given me different ways to teach; different approaches.

Don Carney, Assistant Director of Operations and Maintenance:
Reports that resurfacing old whiteboards and chalkboards with IdeaPaint saved the District about 66% in purchase, installation, upkeep and replacement costs.


Work Testimonials

Akhil Nigam, MassChallenge President & Founder:
Entrepreneurs’ plans and ideas are constantly evolving and whiteboarding sessions are crucial to a startup’s success. We have covered all of our walls with Ideapaint. IdeaPaint helps MassChallenge entrepreneurs stay nimble and forward-thinking, by helping them ideate, strategize and collaborate all over our space as opposed to being constrained by conference room whiteboards.

Doug Wittnebel, Principal at Gensler in San Ramon, California:
IdeaPaint is a great product for designers, architects, artists, engineers, graphic designers, software engineers, and anyone who appreciates the opportunity to move beyond the confines of paper or layout sheets.

Aileen Bennett, CreatingClever:
IdeaPaint is the surface that all creative thinkers have been dreaming about, a starting point for ideas, collaborations and a whole lot of fun.

Here are just a few examples of the countless ways to put IdeaPaint PRO to work.



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