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  1. What is the best way to contact IdeaPaint?
  2. What is the best way to learn about IdeaPaint happenings?

    To learn about our company, products and people, please fill our request information form or send us an e-mail and someone will reach out to you shortly. If you’re interested in general news and IdeaPaint happenings, follow us on Twitter or connect with us on Facebook. You can also check out our regularly updated Big Ideas blog for a little extra dose of inspiration.

  3. Are IdeaPaint sample cards available?

    Yes, simply call 800.393.5250 or email samples@IdeaPaint.com.

  4. Does IdeaPaint ship orders outside of North America?

    Yes! Customers across the globe can buy IdeaPaint through our distributors. Email globalsales@IdeaPaint.com with any questions.

  5. How much time is there to change my order before it ships?

    IdeaPaint strives to ship orders quickly so if changes are needed, call as soon as possible. But, never worry – if an order has already shipped, the IdeaPaint team is here to help with all requests. Just shoot us an email at customerservice@IdeaPaint.com.

  6. When does an order ship?

    Orders will normally ship within two business days.

  7. How much does IdeaPaint charge for shipping?

    Shipping varies based on the size of the order and where it is going. Shipping costs will appear on the order page before an order is finalized and officially placed.

  8. How can an IdeaPaint shipment be tracked?

    After an order is placed, two emails will be generated. The first email will provide an order confirmation, and the second email will confirm the order has been shipped and provide a UPS tracking number. It is important to input email addresses correctly upon placing an order.

  9. Will UPS leave an order at a residential address if nobody is home?

    Yes, UPS will leave an order except when it is a closed business or the delivery is to an apartment building and the recipient is not at home. In both cases they will leave a notification tag to make sure the recipient is aware of the package.

  10. What is the IdeaPaint return policy?

    IdeaPaint will gladly accept returns of unopened product within 30 days of receipt. To begin processing your return authorization, contact customerservice@IdeaPaint.com or 617.714.1052.

    Please note:
    – Once the return authorization has been issued, return the product within 14 days.
    – Credit will only be issued if the product is returned unopened and within the 14 day authorization period.
    – You will need to pay return shipping charges.

    Return product via UPS or FedEx only to:
    IdeaPaint, Inc.
    Attn: Returns
    2100 Commonwealth Ave
    N. Chicago, IL 60064

    Once your product is received at the facility, credit will be issued via check or the credit used for purchase. You will receive a copy of the credit memo via email serving as both proof of receipt and the refund.


  1. What are best practices for erasing and cleaning an IdeaPaint surface?

    ERASE: On a daily basis, erase IdeaPaint surfaces with IdeaPaint ERASE microfiber cloths or 3M foam erasers. Erasers should be replaced and cloths should be washed on a regular basis.

    CLEAN: Because marker ink solvents naturally build up and cause a residual film over time, it is recommended that the entire IdeaPaint surface be thoroughly cleaned every month.

    CLEANER: Use IdeaPaint CLEANER or any standard dry erase spray to restore and extend the life of the IdeaPaint surface.

    DO NOT use non-dry erase cleaners, such as Windex or Clorox, on IdeaPaint surfaces.

  2. What is the suggested process for removing stubborn ink stains?

    When dry erase ink has been on a surface for an extended period of time, some spots may harden and become more difficult to erase. To clean these spots, use IdeaPaint CLEANER or any standard dry erase spray. If neither is available, dampen a microfiber cloth with water.

  3. Which markers are recommended for use on IdeaPaint surfaces?

    IdeaPaint WRITE and Expo-branded Bold dry erase markers are recommended for use on IdeaPaint surfaces. For CREATE CLEAR over dark colored walls, IdeaPaint BRIGHT White and Expo Neon are recommended. Because new marker formulas are continuously available in the market, it is recommended to test the erasability of any ink in a small area before using on a larger IdeaPaint space.

  4. What is the best way to repair an IdeaPaint surface if a permanent marker was used in error?

    IdeaPaint is a dry erase surface, so permanent markers should not be used. However, if a permanent marker is accidentally used, try to remove with the following process:

    1. Trace over the mark several times with an IdeaPaint WRITE or Expo Bold dry erase marker, completely covering the permanent marks with the dry erase marker.

    2. After a minute or two, use a clean microfiber cloth and dry erase cleaner to remove.

  5. Can an IdeaPaint wall be used as a projection screen?

    Yes, despite its high gloss nature, many customers use IdeaPaint as a projection surface. Short throw and tabletop projectors are recommended for best results. The best way to minimize glare and “hot spots” is to angle the projector in a way that diffracts the light away from the common line of sight. IdeaPaint will not crack or yellow over time from prolonged exposure to projection devices.

    “Using short-throw projectors we are able to eliminate the hot spots on the screen, yet with IdeaPaint it is a whiteboard on which you can draw or write on the video or image projected.” – Dr. Robert Chi, Academic Technology Specialist at the University of Hawaii

  6. Can IdeaPaint be applied over magnetic primer?

    Most magnetic primers inherently have a rough profile making them less suitable as a primer for IdeaPaint. In addition, be aware, most magnetic primers need several coats to achieve a functioning magnetic surface. Time-saving and cost-effective options are to apply IdeaPaint to a metallic substrate or to mount magnetic strips to an IdeaPaint surface.

  7. Can a border be created around an IdeaPaint surface?

    Definitely! Use painter’s tape to outline the desired shape and size, then apply IdeaPaint within the taped space. Once you remove the tape, it will leave a clean border. IdeaPaint customers have painted borders using different colors in a variety of shapes, or even added a wood or metal border to really make their IdeaPaint space stand out. The possibilities are endless!

  8. Can IdeaPaint be used outside?

    IdeaPaint is not recommended for outdoor use and has not been formally tested to serve as a suitable outside coating. Use of IdeaPaint on outdoor surfaces will void the warranty. However, if IdeaPaint is applied over a bicycle or similar item, store it in a location protected from the elements.