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The Life Cycle of a Traditional Whiteboard

It is widely understood that tens of millions of pounds of whiteboards end up in landfills each year. It’s a staggering number, but that’s not the whole horror show. The life cycle of a traditional whiteboard involves waste at every stage. In contrast, IdeaPaint is a functional coating that not only out-performs and provides more flexibility than traditional whiteboards, but also requires less energy and resources to manufacture, package and ship.

Let’s dig a little deeper.


Traditional whiteboards utilize substrates like wood, vinyl and aluminum as backing and framing for the dry-erase surface. The surface itself is applied to steel mesh or sheeting and then baked in a high-energy kiln at over 1700 degrees. Usually, the backing materials and dry-erase surfaces are made in separate facilities, so the writable surface has to be transported for assembly.

IdeaPaint uses an existing substrate, and requires no manufacturing or baking process, other than the hand-mixing of our two components that happens on-site.

Packaging & Shipping:

Traditional whiteboards are very heavy, and very bulky. As such, they require extensive padding and packaging to be safely transported from A to B. A large whiteboard can weigh-in at 40 lbs or more, which means that relatively more fossil fuels are needed for shipping.

IdeaPaint requires minimal packaging; in fact, 50sf of IdeaPaint (larger than almost all commercial whiteboards) ships safely in a small 3.5 lb box. Smaller package and lighter weight means a smaller environmental footprint (and cheaper to ship as well).

The Environment:

According to our customers, most whiteboards at work or school are replaced every 1-3 years. The life expectancy of that same whiteboard in a landfill? Does the word “forever” strike fear in your heart? It should. Tens of millions of pounds of whiteboards and chalkboards are thrown in landfills each year, never to decompose.

IdeaPaint is a functional coating and utilizes your existing substrate. If you ever decide to get rid of your IdeaPaint, all you have to do is sand, prime and paint right over it. There is nothing to dispose of. Ever.

At then end of the day, whether you are in the market to install a new dry-erase surface, or are looking to replace an existing one, IdeaPaint is an environmentally responsible choice. If your existing whiteboard, vinyl wallcovering or chalkboard is in need of a facelift, you now have the choice to simply re-surface that substrate, rather than throw it away.

To top it all off, IdeaPaint is formadeyide-free and produces no off-gassing once cured. IdeaPaint is the only dry-erase paint to be GREENGUARD Certified for air quality; so it’s better for your indoor environment too!

To learn more or request information, visit ideapaint.com/green, send us an email, or call 617.714.1050.

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