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IdeaPaint Takes Wofford College Outside the Box

Wofford College The Space Staff

If this photo doesn’t remind you of a typical college classroom, that’s because it isn’t. Wofford College’s The Space, was designed to be atypical; representative of the unprecedented direction the staff is taking the traditional liberal arts education.

Located in Wofford’s Mungo Center, The Space, as an alumnus describes it, “provides the nebulous missing piece” that connects students’ broader education with hands-on experience in the working world. The Space’s curriculum provides students with the opportunity to explore business in international contexts, gives them the resources to conceptualize, launch and receive funding for their own ventures, and trains them in the important art of networking, resume building and negotiating. With so many offerings, maximizing the space in The Space was of upmost importance.

Mungo Center Wofford College IdeaPaint

To capitalize on all of the interdisciplinary energy, Dean Scott Cochran and his team broke out their paintbrushes and opened up some IdeaPaint. He told us it has enabled idea generation in a manner he’s never seen before. “There are no boundaries like with a typical whiteboard, which are by definition ‘inside the box.’ The IdeaLab (a room in The Space) allows a 360-degree sweep of drawing, notes, ideas and endless fun.” The freedom that Wofford and The Space offers its students when it comes to determining their path in and after school can be seen put to practice all over the walls. Scott said, “There’s tons of space with no beginning and no end.” Perfect for teaching the never-ending lessons of life.

The Space Mungo Center Dog

To learn more about the exciting things happening at The Space, visit their new website or follow along with them on Twitter.

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