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IdeaPaint in Ireland

That is what happens after you paint 51 desks with IdeaPaint in an elementary school. Pretty exciting!

At Ratoath College in County Meath, Ireland, there are now 30 IdeaPainted desks in one classroom. The rest are spread around several other classrooms for collaborative group tasks.

After we saw the video of his students in action, we reached out to teacher David Walsh to learn more about their new arrangement. “The reaction has been amazing,” he told us. “Students are enthused by the novelty and the practical uses of having desks that they can write on.” Some of his students chimed in with their impressions, too.

“The new desks are brilliant. We can write on them and erase mistakes without making a mess, then we can take a pic with our phones and we have it recorded.” 1st year student, Molly O’Kane

“I love these new desks. They are just brilliant.” 1st year student, Aaron Crampton

“These desks are great for doing our accounting adjustments!” 5th year student, Conor Fitzpatrick

“Oh my God, our classroom is so bright now.” 1st year student, Kerry Leonard

“I love the way we can write on our desks and actually learn from them.” 1st year student, Hannah Laird.

All of this is music to our ears.

Check out the other classrooms that have used IdeaPaint to transform their learning environments. To keep up to speed on David and his class in Room 6, follow along on their blog!

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