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IdeaPaint Announces Makeover Contest for Schools and Offices!

Now when we say makeover, you shouldn’t just expect a change in aesthetics (although the space of your choice will look way cooler). After an IdeaPaint360 Makeover, you should expect a fundamental change in the way you collaborate and create with your classmates and colleagues. Work may not feel quite so much like work afterwards – and that’s just our intention. Are you ready?

We will be accepting entries through September 30, 2011 at which point a panel of industry leaders will select four winners to receive a custom IdeaPaint makeover – on us. Winnings include:

•  Up to 500 square-feet of installed IdeaPaint for an individual classroom or office!

•  A free on-site consultation with IdeaPaint!

•  A chance to create your dream space for collaboration and creativity!

We want to know why your classroom or office is prime for IdeaPaint. How do you think it will change the way you teach, learn, communicate and connect? To tell us your story and for full contest rules, visit www.ideapaint360.com. Good luck!

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