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Breaking down the ABCs of Communication with Vsnap

During our recent visit to MassChallenge we met with Vsnap, an innovative company that is changing the way people communicate. Their simple web and mobile platform allows users to create 60 second video messages with attachments and send them via email and social media. By adding a personal touch to every day communications, they’re reintroducing the human element to many businesses. Instead of B2B or B2C, they’re all about H2H: human to human.

Trish Fontanilla, Vsnap’s VP of Community & Customer Experience, told us their H2H philosophy began when CEO Dave McLaughlin wanted to communicate with relatives abroad and wanted to do more than communicate via text. Familial, fun and refreshing, his short form videos were a hit. Dave thought, why not extend similar capabilities to businesses? Not only would they provide an easy way to connect with people in different places, but they’d also offer an appealing alternative – with a demonstrable ROI – to standard communications between companies and their customers.

Here’s just one of hundreds of examples:

Vsnap IdeaPaint

Way better than an email, right?

At a time of outsourcing and automated responses, impressive open rates and click through rates are hard to come by. Inboxes are frequently bogged down and recipients are way more than likely to click delete than hear you out. Part of Vsnap’s gospel is that this is not the case when video is concerned. To start, according to an Experian study, video content is on pace to account for close to half of all web traffic by 2014. Let that sink in. When bundled in an email, it drives an average 21% higher conversion rate, and a 24% higher average order value when compared to emails that rely solely on static images. Plus, the personal touch helps build customer loyalty and evangelism, which increases the probability of repeat customers. Whether you’re sending an invite, eBook or crowdsourcing your community for feedback, video can deliver. Especially if you get creative.

Vsnap IdeaPaint MassChallenge

Yup, that’s IdeaPaint.

In her new role as VP of Community & Customer Experience, a hybrid, jack of all trades job that values relationships and rapport, Trish has made over 6,000 Vsnaps. Tweet to @vsnap to watch the magic happen or try Vsnap here. Soon you’ll be communicating more like friends with your customers and less like a capital ‘B’ Business. Just remember, an A in analytics start with a commitment to H2H.

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