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The eBook on Creativity That You Should Read

Convention says we’re in the paint business, but we like to think that we’re in the business of creating dynamic spaces. Our ultimate goal is to help you be more creative, more communicative and more collaborative, and quite frankly that doesn’t start or finish with a coat of IdeaPaint. Given that, we’re always on the hunt for ways to make work spaces work even better (ours included). And who knows better than the people whose companies have produced great ideas? We teamed up with author Brian Coleman, created a list of high-powered, high-thinking creative business leaders, and set out to explore the nuances of creative thinking.

What resulted was this eBook, Managing Creativityan easy-to-read, candid, and compelling collection of quotes, anecdotes and analysis. It was a treat, really, to talk shop with the likes of Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. Same goes for Stacy Madison, the Founder of Stacy’s Pita Chips and Operating Partner at Fireman Capital Partners. We found out that both Julia Hu, CEO of LARK, and independent filmmaker Doug Pray consider themselves problem solvers above anything else. Arne van Oosterom of DesignThinkers Group and Stephen Webber of the Berklee College of Music cited curiosity and creativity as key traits. Brian DeCubellis, Creative Director at MTV Scratch, advised us to get our “hands dirty and make stuff on a small scale, often.” They told us to dream big and be okay with feeling insecure, among other things – all of which we’ve taken to heart.

Some of the people we interviewed may sound familiar if you’ve followed along with IdeaPaint since day one. Michael Schaeffer led us through Reebook’s headquarters and you met students of Christina Jenkins when we madeover the NYC iSchool. Others we only recently reached out to and are slowly getting to know.

Like Stephen Webber, for example. This quote of his stood out to us and touches upon our reasoning behind trying our hand at a multi-sourced collaborative eBook. He said, with regards to his own works as a professor and music producer:

“In my own life I have always tried to combine disparate things in new ways, like how to bring a classical orchestra and hip-hop music together. The fun and creativity is always at its peak when you are combining things in new ways. So many amazing things have been done in the world because people didn’t know that what they were attemping was impossible.”

We feel similarly. By surveying creatives from various industries, our hope was to create something new, too. Something that can act as inspiration for you and your team wherever it is you call “work.” We hope you enjoy it, and encourage you to share it with a coworker, a friend, a student, or a mentor. What’s nice about creativity, is that we all benefit from it. Your next step may influence and inspire someone else’s. More creativity means a more efficient, more interesting, and more beautiful world. Let’s get going!

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