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Tender Loving Care and IdeaPaint

It’s always nice when customers reach out to us and say, hey, check out how we’re using IdeaPaint! That’s just how we met Shannon Martin, Director of Communications for EasyLiving, Inc. and Aging Wisely, LLC, two care management services for seniors located in sunny Clearwater, Florida. Thanks to her, we were able to see how IdeaPaint has helped improve the lives of numerous patients.

Last August, they installed IdeaPaint in their new office building, which they share with fellow care providers, EZFingerprints, LLC. Between the three companies, the IdeaPaint gets a lot of attention and is used is various ways, including as a menu for a PB&J sandwich bar during staff orientation (see photo below). It is most heavily used, however, during employee training.

As Shannon explains, the company’s greatest investment is in their staff. “Employee development has been a huge focus at EasyLiving, which is somewhat unique in the home healthcare industry. We use behavioral interviewing, require a higher score on the home health aide test, etc.; and then we focus on a more intense training program than is typical because we feel our front line employees must be prepared to do the best job for the client.”

Training and continued education courses happen in-house in the room where IdeaPaint is featured. EasyLiving and Aging Wisely have a highly specialized and diverse staff that leads training sessions to educate colleagues on unique issues. For example, there is a Certified Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders trainer on staff who is available to help answer specific questions about providing care for someone with dementia. Guest trainers and staff members teach lessons in which IdeaPaint is thoroughly integrated.

“The IdeaPaint wall has been great for these trainings, brainstorming and planning. Since we have such a mobile workforce (caregivers and care managers typically travel off site to visit their elder clients), it is imperative to find ways to engage everyone and make them feel part of the team.”

For their efforts, their staff has received numerous designations and awards in their field.  Last year, EasyLiving was named a Top Small Business in the South and Aging Wisely won a National Patient Advocacy Award.

It is rewarding to see IdeaPaint play a small but instrumental role in the training that leads to exceptional care. Thank you, Shannon, for sharing!

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