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IdeaPaint CLEAR Continues to Make Waves

We’ve heard it a million times. A picture’s worth 1,000 words, but in the interest of being succinct, we’ll limit it to about 400. On Wednesday, we posted a photo of an awesome surfboard. It’s painted in IdeaPaint CLEAR and covered in a to-do list belonging to Aileen Bennett, author of the always-interesting blog, Creating Clever. The photo hints at various other parts of her daily life. There’s a Union Jack pillow. The wall is blue. The décor simple. Curious to know more, we caught up with Aileen to learn more about the story behind her photo.

Now, imagine a completely white house. A white car with white seats is parked outside. Two white dogs run in and out of an all-white office with one blue wall. That’s where you can find Aileen. Depending on the day, she’s writing a column for the local paper, her blog, or a speech for a motivational gig. She’s the quintessential wearer of many hats; just look at her business card. Her titles include: “giver of speeches, brain for rent, idea thinker upper, writer of stuff, solver of problems, coacher of people.” In other words, our kind of girl.

With such a diverse list of tasks, keeping things simple is essential. IdeaPaint helps. Especially IdeaPaint CLEAR, which enhanced her work environment without compromising her style. As Aileen told us, “I have enough colors in my brain and appreciate the blank, simple canvas that my house provides. I love simplicity.” Occasionally she hosts company, any number of the clients she advises, and that’s when the brainstorming gets good. As she describes, “I’m obsessed with ideas that work. That ‘ahhhhh’ moment is one of the best feelings ever.” We totally agree.

In fact, the surfboard serves as her daily affirmation that those ‘ahhhhh’ moments in life are possible. “In surfing you have to work with the universe, be completely one with it all.” So far she has collected three, having found them on Craig’s List and provided them a new home. “They remind me to live in the moment.” And since Aileen shared her photo of her CLEAR surfboard, it’s begun to do the same for us.

While we don’t think we’re quite ready for surfing, we may just pick up paddle boarding.

To learn more about CLEAR and how it can work for your home office, head on over to our site. Have a story to tell about how you’re using CLEAR? Send us an email!

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