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We exist for one simple reason: to fundamentally improve the way people work.

IdeaPaint was born from this very notion, a frustration with the way ideas were shared and coworkers collaborated. How can you think big when you write small? How can you harness the collective intelligence when it’s awkward to share what’s inside your own head? How can you think on your feet when you’re sitting on your hands?

We could see the writing on the wall.

Exploration leads to discovery. That “Eureka!” moment that leads to success doesn’t happen by accident. And if it does it’s because a lot of hard work went into being ready to be lucky. We shortcut that path by making it easy to work together. To explore together. To think and push and prod and poke and make mistakes and make progress and then erase it all and start all over again.

IdeaPaint is proven on the walls of the world’s most innovative and successful companies. It helps propel the space program at NASA. It drives the mind giants at Google. It gives Apple the boundless space to dream a little bigger than most.

IdeaPaint is more than a tool. We enable off-site thinking on site. Day in, day out. It’s a catalyst for working better.

Leave your mark™.